Do you have a dream?

That’s a delicate topic for some people. I don’t why the hell humans have a bad habit of belittle someone’s dreams. Just because a person has a big dream and for you it seems impossible that doesn’t mean it is. I have problems with that so I really know what I am talking about. Every time I tell someone I’m taking acting classes or something like that, the stupidest thing come out of their mouth like “Woah, you wanna be an actress?”, and that laugh comes along with it. “OF COURSE NOT, I am just taking acting classes to count how many losers ask me the same question”, I think. It’s kinda sad how humans are getting so annoying and skeptics or maybe they always were. Who knows? But when we’re talking about DREAMS, we’re messing with people’s feelings and that was never a great idea. There’s no one in the world who are allowed to judge dreams because you may think I’m wrong but it is all up to you. You are the one who decides what you’re gonna do with your life. Not people or society. If you wanna be an astronaut, or an actress, a dancer, a game designer is all up to you. Do what you have to do. Study. Fight for it. The sky is the limit. But don’t forget to do it in the right way, without hurting anybody. Show people who thinks what you want is impossible that you can do it. You don’t sit there and wait. You chase it. And if you are one of them who says these things. Please, STOP and take care of your life because I’m sure you did not fight enough and now you want to discourage people. I think you need a detox because you’re too toxic.


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