Who dares, wins.

It’s funny how society tells you something and people who are against society’s ways tell you the opposite. It’s good to live the way you want and not follow any beauty stereotype or any “rule”. But sometimes people overstate things because they want to show others they’re not living the way society said they should do. You can find a lot of encouraging quotes on the internet any time and what should be something good turns into bad experience and makes you feel sad and not encouraging at all. I was reading some articles and I’m not sure where I found “Who dares, wins” and some thoughts came to my mind and a lot of questions, of course. So here they go, “What if I decide to dare myself and talk to someone and that person never speaks to me again?”, “What if the talking thing was about a work I wanted and after the talking I can’t get jobs anymore?”, “What if I dare myself to build a building and I kill people?”, “What if…?”, “What if…?”. I know I’m overacting but I really don’t believe that. We all know with winners come losers. That’s how life works. I’m sorry. People should be careful with their words because they can hurt someone, not directly. You need to focus on what you want and never forget that or encouraging quotes will turn against you and instead of being your friend they’re gonna become your biggest enemies. I’m not being negative or anything like that. I’m being realistic. I believe in right place and right time and A LOT of hard working. Nothing comes easy and miracles don’t happen if you don’t do your part, God is not going to help you to lose weight or get a job if you spend all day watching movies and eating. So stop telling yourself these stupid things if you’re gonna stay sat there the whole day. I dare you to improve yourself.


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